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A Brief Introduction of Pars Mani Ista Co

Pars Mani Ista has launched achieves to provide infrastructure services in the fields of construction, electronics, and facility installation. The successful organic growth of the company is attributed to organizing experienced technical teams, and creating practical devotion in the managers and employees to run projects as much effective as possible. This includes all dimensions like costs, quality, and on me delivery. As such, following all international standards and also abiding by the preferences of the customers, the company has managed to reach important accomplishments in various areas. By providing the necessary infrastructures, developing the knowledge and experience of the staff through in-house and out-house training, Pars Mani Ista Co. has been successful in carrying out projects in designing and construction of buildings, telecommunication and hospital infrastructures, electrical and mechanical facilitates, landscaping and collecting surface water, interior and exterior designing, earthquake-resistant building, urban projects, etc. across the country. By an appropriate knowledge management and referring to the previous administrative experiences,the company is determined to continue this trend

The company's mission:

providing infrastructure services in fields of construction, telecommunication electrical facilities to create increasing values for employers and all the related people both nationwide and international. This can be achieved by focusing on personal creativity,developing the culture of safety and quality, boosting the professional and technical skills, managing construction projects, benefiting from technology to cut down on expenses,
expediting the projects, and improving the quality and profit-making.

The company's vision:

Gaining the highest rank in customer satisfaction among all the competing companies and contractors


Technological innovations are transforming and improving all aspects of our lives. Our passion for turning ideas and insights into practical solutions transforms infrastructure projects.

We combine extensive experience in each area with market-leading expertise and new tools and techniques to make projects and infrastructure better and more sustainable environments for all.

We seek to create a comprehensive engineering ecosystem that encompasses business and technology and advances and creates the most complex projects. We believe that in the light of this goal, our employers and customers will achieve complete satisfaction.

Mr Azizi

Accountant Manager

Mr Mokhtari

Executive Manager

Mrs Shariati

Commercial Manager

Mr Ekhtiyari

Control Project Manager

Mr Habibi


Mr Habibi