Design and implementation of retrofitting

we use the various retrofitting techniques currently being carried out for bridge structures. After evaluating the performance of past and their most common modes of failure, we retrofit of foundations, concrete columns and ....

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Design and execution of the building

Designing new buildings and building conversions is a complex, challenging task involving countless steps and participants. Not every PMI can afford to maintain a separate department for this kind of work.

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Design and implementation of industrial and telecommunication infrastructure

One of the main our activity is about design and installation of electrical and mechanical infrastructures...

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Companies are seriously challenged by acquiring, capturing, sharing and using expertise. We collect best expertise in PARS MANI ISTA Co,


Agility is a Competitive Advantage of PARS MANI ISTA Co,


PARS MANI ISTA get QVL certificates in BS EN ISO 14002:2015 & BS EN ISO 9001:20015 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007 ,...

Team work

We have a well-established team that works together is a must for every project


Our priority is to protect the health and safety of environment and our employees in PARS MANI ISTA CO,

7*24 working

In order to make working with us, we available 7*24


Best DC Delivery Partner  &  Best Innovation Awards

We get these awards from 2017 Huawei Iran Core Partner Convention and 2018 Middle East Core Partner Convention for our projects

We know

how best to


your projects